Thursday, April 21, 2016

Basic Overview

I have built two 18th century armies for a pair of "Imagi-Nations".  They are that most admired Principality of Saxe-Bearstein and the assuredly vile Kingdom of Stagonia.

As you might imagine, one prefers red uniforms and the other blue uniforms.  As to which is which, I suspect that there are enough clues around for you to guess.

I believe that all of the figures in both armies are 25mm "Bloodaxe Miniatures" designed by Lance Runolfsson and currently handled by Historifigs.

Rob (one of my gaming buddies) and I intend to fight a tabletop battle with 'toy soldiers'.  We further intend to use the "Black Powder" rules . . . which neither of us has played or seen played . . . so it should be an interesting evening.

-- Jeff

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  1. I'm back to Lace Wars 'imagi-native' gaming and this new blog is a very pleasant surprise!