Thursday, April 21, 2016

Artillery & Infantry units of Saxe-Bearstein
Artillerists & Artillery (heavy, light and medium) of Saxe-Bearstein

Above you see some of Saxe-Bearstein's splendid Artillery and Artillerists.  Below you will find images of her famous Infantry . . . please take note the grenadiers (on your left -- and also remember to click on images for a larger view).

Regular Infantry: 

von Beck's Regiment -- rated superior
von Molson's Regiment -- rated veteran
von Busch's Regiment -- rated veteran
von Pilsen Pioneers -- rated veteran
von Sleeman's Regiment -- rated veteran
von Egger's Regiment -- rated ordinary
von Koch's Regiment -- rated ordinary
von Schlitz's Regiment -- rated ordinary
Irregular Infantry:
Grolsch Grenzers -- rated veteran
Pabst Poles -- rated ordinary

Skirmishing Foot:
Veltin's Jagers -- rated superior
Richter's Jagers -- rated veteran
Blatz' Jagers -- rated ordinary
 -- Jeff

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  1. Nicely setout. The Saxe-Bearstein army is looking ready for action - down with Stagonia !