Friday, May 20, 2016

The Bridge at Kronstadt

Rob and I played this scenario by Brig. C. S. Grant, OBE..  It was originally published in "Battlegames Magazine #2" and was later re-published in a Battlegames Special Edition, "Table Top Teasers Vol. 1".

Vile Stagonians are pushed back by the red-clad Saxe-Bearsteiners

Essentially it is a "bridge demolition" scenario with action down the 8' length of the table.  Rules were "Black Powder", which we were playing for only the second time . . . and yes, we did a number of things incorrectly . . . *sigh*. . . but (a bit to my surprise) I find that I am liking these rules.

Sadly most of my photos were too blurry (a camera in a shaky senior's hands doesn't get very good results).  For much better photos go to Rob's photo account . . . (click here).

Rob's first comment upon seeing the table was "Christmas Village" . . . and yes, the buildings were all December purchases over a few years.  Below you can see how I painted over the "snow" as two companies of the von Pilsen Pioneers work to mine the Kronstadt bridge:

While visible here, during the game, the 'snow' isn't noticed.

I won't try to recount the battle since my memory is shot from all of my chemotherapy . . . but here are a few of the less blurry images from the game:

Vile Stagonians enter from right side of table.

Stagonia's du Coiffard Cuirassier prepare for action.

Shaken and Disordered, von Sleeman's Regiment waits.

Stagonia's de Vigny Regiment is one of their last unbroken units.

Take a look at that last photo.  Note the background . . . it is simply an old bedspread draped over a table with some boxes on it and then over a couple of chairs.  By putting a few trees and buildings on it, it makes a reasonable background.

You too can be creative with your terrain . . . and have fun, like we do.

-- Jeff

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